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19 September 11

Account Cleanups!

Hey, guys! Dollie here! I know a lot of you are busy now with the US school year just having started, but here’s a list of accounts and stuff that need a little nudge. 

Remember, if you’re on this list and don’t want to lose your character, and you don’t have the free time to RP right now, drop us a question in the inbox and we’ll list you as on hiatus. Thanks, guys!

Inactivity Nudge:

  • Regina Berry
  • Vera Misham
  • Wocky Kitaki
  • Wesley Stickler
  • Klavier Gavin

In danger of being freed up:

  • Luke Atmey
  • Lamiroir
  • Shoe the Cat
  • Dee Vasquez
  • Kay Faraday
  • Godot

Now available!

  • Diego Armando
  • Tyrell Badd
  • Desiree Delite
  • Ron Delite
  • Adrian Andrews
  • Rental! Miles Edgeworth


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